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Cleveland Skateboard Park Designs Banner

Cleveland Skatepark Designs

Cleveland is building a new skateboard park in the FLats. The project is currently in the design phase and initial concepts were presented at the second public meeting on June 22nd. This new skateboard park will be a big draw to the region and will likely break ground in summer 2011.

Check out all the designs and keep up to date on the Public Square Group website.


Skateboarding Lessons Lakewood

Skateboarding Lessons 2010

Tuesdays and Saturdays July and August at 9:00 AM. Must Register to participate.

The Lakewood Skaters Assoc. and is hosting PSG skateboarding lessons again for ages 3 and up at the Lakewood Skatepark. Learn how to roll, turn, carve, ride the ramps or even harder tricks like the Ollie, kickflips, shove-its, and much more. Join Public Square Group (FREE) and register for lessons before it fills up.


Caught in the Crossfire

Scum Bags

There is a tag war going on between some lil kids around Lakewood. The skatepark has been hit a few times in the past week so we're doing some clean up. Hopefully the warring parties can come to the table and resolve their differences peacefully. Too much blood has been shed.

We've been having some clean up sessions to get some of this cleaned up but this stuff is hard! If you want to help clean this stuff off and don't mind skating later under the lights contact us. We've got some cleaning concoctions that have been working.


Lakewood StreetWalk 2009

Lakewood Streetwalk

LSA will be putting on some skate lessons and demos along with West Side Skates and sponsored by the Red Bull Quest for Skate. Come out to the Lakewood StreetWalk on July 18th held on Detroit Ave in Lakewood.


LSA now a Chapter of Public Square Group

The Lakewood Skaters Association was founded in 2002 to support skateboarding in Lakewood. Public Square Group, Inc was formed in 2005 by LSA members and other northeast Ohio skaters to share what we learned in Lakewood with other neighborhoods. Now Public Square Group has returned the favor making the LSA the first official chapter of Public Square Group. This brings much more support and expertise back to the our roots in Lakewood.


BUY a BRICK! - Help Improve the Skatepark and Build the Bowl!

Bricks Before After

Add your name to the skatepark by helping us improve the worn areas while raising money for the Lakewood Bowl! Download a Donation Form and see how you can help.

We need an additional $92,500 of the $108,000 expected to complete the Lakewood Bowl. You can join Cox Cable, Lakewood Hospital and the many other friends and supporters who have contributed so far.

Donors may also call 216-272-8603 or drop us an email if you have any other questions.


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